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As I am sure you are now aware, these vaccinations are no longer done at your local GP surgery

Find out what your eligible for and when you'll be invited to get vaccinated.

As usual, the NHS is vaccinating those most at risk first, you will be contacted to book your winter vaccines (flu & covid-19) in due course. At this juncture, all people aged 65+ should have been contacted. If this is your age group and you have not yet had your winter vaccines, you can book them at:

People aged 5 and over, who are at higher risk of coronavirus or flu due to an underlying health condition, should expect to receive an appointment letter for winter vaccines via post, email or text from now until the end of October.

You can book your winter vaccine appointment at the afore mentioned website:

If you're aged 50 to 64 with no additional risk factors, you can also book an appointment online from 24 October.

A self-help guide/calculator to find out if you're eligible for flu and coronavirus vaccines is available at the following link. Eligibility is based on age, health condition and/or job: 

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