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Coronavirus Update / Surgery Access Update Posted on 19 Mar 2020

Hi everyone, this is an update to let you all know how things at the surgery will work going forward for the foreseeable future. The main door to the surgery is now closed, however, you can still drop off prescription requests and samples in the foyer. This is to reduce foot traffic at the surgery.

All appointments will now be triaged, so that if you require to be seen, the GP will first call you to assess the situation. We ask again that you only use the appointments for emergencies during this time. Here are some other updates for you:

• You do NOT need to phone the surgery or NHS 24 to report that you are having to self-isolate.

• You do NOT need a sick line for the purposes of self-isolation, whether due to your own illness or that of a household member; this is a UK Government decree and employers have to bide by it.

• We do NOT have testing kits in General Practice, so please don’t phone to ask.

• We will NOT be providing holiday cancellation forms for you cancelling your holiday because it’s not safe to travel – that is cancelling due to Government advice and common sense, not being told to cancel on your own medical grounds.

• Do not request more than your usual amount of meds, there is no shortage or reason to stockpile, this just crates more work for everyone involved. The surgery will be doing prescriptions as normal during this time. Requesting more medication that your entitled to will be denied.


As always, any new information will be posted here, so please check back regularly.

Jordan Crawley

Practice Manager.


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