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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Update Posted on 10 Mar 2020

Dear all, we aim to keep you updated as best we can on the Coronavirus situation as it develops. First of all it should be stressed that if you feel as though you are developing any of the virus symptoms, or if you have been in recent contact with anyone from an infected area abroad you are not to come down to the surgery under any circumstances. Doing so could put clinicians and other patients at risk.

The protocol as it stands is to stay at home and phone us on 0141 812 2022 provided that you have first used the online self diagnosis tool at , or called the coronavirus helpline on 0800 028 2816

We cannot test or treat you at the surgery, so coming here will only put others at risk and risks closure of the practice. Please follow protocol and work with us during this time to ensure we can contain this as much as possible.

We are currently still providing GP appointments as normal but during this irregular time we ask you to ensure you are only using them for absolutely necessary reasons.

We have a responsibility together to keep this situation at bay the best we can, working with us and not against us during this time will be very much appreciated.


Thank you,


Jordan Crawley, Practice Manager

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